From The Bard's Pen

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how
infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet,
to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me—
nor woman neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so.

- Hamlet

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I too had a love story!!

The story I am talking about is not mine.. I too had a love story is the title of a book I had the pleasure of reading last month. It was Christmas day.. browsing through stuff at Janpath, I told my sister that I wanted a book as a gift..and though she was grumbling quite a lot, she accompanied me to the book store.. i randomly picked up this book with a white cover.. flipped it over to read the story brief and after a bit of dilly dallying.. bought it. And kept it in the book cupboard where it gathered dust for ten days.. One fine day someone asked to borrow a book and I picked this book and handed it to them.. When it was returned, out of sheer curiosity I thought I would read a few pages.. But I was wrong. I had my viva in a couple of days yet I had no care for that.. I was hooked.. it was a tale told with simplicity, a kind of love that is unimaginable... I was laughing, smiling, crying.. and I guess a part of my heart got broken too at the end.. :(

Ravin's love story is touching because there is no effort in it to impress the reader with lofty words or expressions.. there are moments we all can connect with.. the pleasure of having late night phone conversations, little fights, smiles, especially the moments of first meeting.. It is a true story but I do not know what else to call it coz for me it came as a story.. something that has made me appreciate whatever I have in life, the value of time itself... I have been guilty of using this quotation often:
I hold it true watever befall

I feel it when I sorrow most

Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all..

But I would not do the same here.. Coz the reading has made me question many things including the emptiness of words and promises.. words do not really soothe or make you feel any better...

I recommend this book to all who have been in love ever.. who have lost their loved ones and those who are cynical of the concept of love..

Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love.
Some are born, just to experience the abbreviation of it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


An offer from a friend to gift a tortoise to me this birthday awakened ridiculous longings in me.. to own a cute pet .. and i pondered quite a bit over what i would name this cute pet of mine and the name i came up with was SPEED.... Why SPEED u might ask... well it seems to make sense to me.. if i have to motivate the tortoise to move I would have to just say its name.., "SPEED.........COME ON!!!!!!!!.. I NEED SPEED!!!"
I dreamt of having a tortoise of my own for quite some days until Dad made me sit down and asked me a few questions wth the condition that I had to get atleast some of them right before I could be entrusted with responsibility of a pet... I was soooooooooo confident I said I was ready for interrogation there and then.... AND I THOUGHT I KNEW MY DAD..
The first question was a blunder straight on.... I mean how many of you know the difference between a tortoise and a turtle??????? He just asked me calmly if I wanted a tortoise or a turtle.. and I was like, "You mean there is a difference between the two??"... Honestly.... Do you guys know the difference?? From then it was all downhill.... if there was ever an uphill to begin with....
What is the natural habitat of a tortoise/ turtle?? I mean i thought i would just put it in a bucket in the bathroom... of course that would jeopardise my privacy somewhat.... but its winter and who bathes in winter?? In summers I had thought we could put Speed in the water tank to keep it cool.. gud idea no?? But Dad was shocked... seemed I had failed again.... sighhhh... tell me something new..
Next.. what does a tortoise / turtle eat? I mean come on Dad...... if its tummy is as hard as its shell........ it can digest anything!!!! Yeah you guessed it.... I said dat... AS IF I was planning to feed my Speed Chicken momos or something..... Hey that's not a bad idea actually.... Momos are infinitely better than Biryani.. RIGHT??
A look at Dad's face warned me to not even ask if I had passed the interview....
All my dreams of spending days and nights with Speed were put to rest... I had thought of singing songs to him.. ( see how Speed graduated to "him" from "it" in my imagination...) .. I would share my poems with him... ( my sis very unkindly said that the tortoise/ turtle would commit suicide to escape SUCH a fate...) and I dreamt of taking him for walks... you know that is the thing with tortoise/ turtles.. you HAVE to carry them... for me it would become more of a weightlifting than a walk!! Dogs do seem better pets in some ways!! But the novelty of having a pet like Speed was something else.... Imagine if someone were to attack me. I could just take out Speed from my pocket and hurl him at them.. again and again.... see no need to carry pepper sprays!! my bodyguard..... my OWN WMD..... SPEED... WOW!!
So wat if I don't knw what does he eat..... please read and comment to convince my dad.. :P

Friday, February 13, 2009


13 Reasons why I’m considered ECCENTRIC (A euphemism for mad :P ) by many people....... including my family....

1) To begin with...... I’m often found mumbling incoherently...muttering to myself...... often breaking into weird smiles and occasional bursts of laughter!! WHAT PEOPLE FAIL TO REALISE IS THAT :

a) I may be conversing with myself....... or better still I may be conversing with God.. DIVINE CONVERSATIONS...

b) I may be recollecting some funny incident/ line/ conversation I might have read/ encountered earlier in the day..

c) I might be in the midst of composing a poem or concocting a make believe scenario with me getting to say all the witty, funny lines..

d) I could be day dreaming of participating in a karaoke/ talent hunt competition..(of what nature exactly .... don’t ask me!!). where I win.. OBVIOUSLY!!!! (Dude if I DO NOT win even in MY imagination. then there’s something wrong)

2) MY ORIGINAL DRESSING SENSE- Ok... so some people might consider it weird but WHAT THE HECK!! I call it my “scholarly garb”..... something that makes me blend in perfectly well with the library walls all over the city... at times I wear all black stuff for days to avoid the pains of matching or mismatching... . there’s a wonderful thrill in wearing mismatching clothes.... in knowing you look like a weirdo.. Kurtas + Jeans+ colorful socks+ floaters + a big bag + oily hair + eyes seeped in kohl.. does make me look like a nutcase..

3) My idea of an excellent day is one spent in a library/ bookshop....... ALWAYS!!!

4) M someone who takes a rickshaw when I go for walk......... hell I’m supposed to be walking AND I do that when I reach the park......

5) I prefer Mohabbatein over DDLJ.. . BIG DEAL!!


7) I have a quote for every occasion.... and usually they make sense only to me...I tell you people do not take kindly to geniuses...

8) I often travel to my college which is like two and a half hours away...... just to eat a plate of Chicken Biryani....

9) One of the sports I follow passionately is WWE : both RAW and SMACKDOWN

10) I hate Babies...... abhor them from every angle.. I am a certified, compulsive Babybeater.. and I suffer from an acute case of BABYPHOBIA... no wonder kids in my own family run away from me..

11) I’m a drawing room, street side.. road singer..... I sing ( which many describe as croaking!!) and I do dat whenever and wherever I feel like........ even if it looks a bit silly to people ....imagine someone with the above described attire singing or rather croaking at full volume..

12) Whenever I go to shop, I head straight for the men’s section... not to shop for my dad, or bro or cousins.. BUT for myself........ Needless to say I borrow clothes from my brother all the time... THIS when I have two sisters...

13) And finally.... The last but not the least cause of my eccentricity is my ever varying expressions which I use without a care of being labeled a plagiarist.... From my urdu fetish of saying “takhliyaa” to the two kiddos who ran out from the room scared like hell, fearing that I had finally lost it, to my mumbling of Potter’s “Expecto Patronum” instead of saying “God please help me!!” “Carpe diem”, “Slumming It out”...”Suspending disbelief”... “whatevaaa!!!!”........ all jumbled versions used by me efficiently enough to justify my eccentricity...

And you know what.. today is Friday the 13th.... the timing is sooooo apt. Watsay??

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Poxed Indeed!!
Well recovering from Chicken Pox I never thought taking life easy could be such a pain in the *&^% . Having your meals served in bed... meals meaning boiled food devoid of spices... just plain, boiled veggies... yuckkk.. and me just craves for a good dose of Chicken Biryani.. sigh!! I have been catching up on my reading and how!!! Every single book that had been bought from book fairs and Darya Ganj and that were piling up everywhere..I devoured them.. Agatha Christies, fat historical romances, Princess Diaries part X, Almost Single, another book by Cecilia Ahern, a victorian romance, In Memoriam by Tennyson, fragments of ghazals by Faiz, and my own Juvenilia.... phew!! hard work indeed..

The first thing a friend did after being told that I have Chicken Pox was sending me an sms saying......"O you poor thing!! you will spend the valentine in bed!!" AS IF!! Honestly its good to have an excuse to not go out of home.. not having to justify your single status to people who stare disbelievingly at you.. not having to explain the reasons behind your heartbreaking poetry.. :P. AND I SUCK AT LYING!!!!! boo hoo hoo..... i wanna go out and celebrate.. well usually every year its me and my best buddy Ranjana who go out together and just roam around, shop or just eat. Its fun having a plan atleast for the day... buying gifts for ourselves, gorging on hot chocolate fudge or just chilling out in CCD.... sitting in Central Park, browsing at the book stores or libraries is our idea of celebration.. we do things that make us happy... sounds like the sensible thing to do.. WHICH I WILL NOT BE DOING THIS YEAR!! :(
I will be online I guess.... reading poems, surfing sites, reading ebooks, chatting.... celebrating my Spotted Valentine..!!

M not your type

I don’t wear short skirts
I don’t use makeup on my face
I’d rather wear my old sweatshirt
Than silly frills and lace
I can’t strut around in high heels
I can’t bat my lashes at you
I can’t pretend to understand rock music
When I sing better than they do

I wud rather watch a cricket match
Or dance out there in the rain
Or curl up wid a good old book
That makes some use of brains
I know I’m not size zero
So wat if I’m a bit on the bigger side
I wud rather eat wat I spend on
I’m allergic to every type of diet.

I cry smtimes for no reason at all
Just as I laugh, frown and smile
And I need to be told that I am loved
Everyday, daily, all d time
M not difficult to understand
M not stupid or vain
I don’t pretend to b intelligent
Coz all others pretend d same

I hv had my share of crushes
Not much but a fling or two
A kiss, a and there
Now I wish it had been you..
I use swear words that cud make u blush
I’m mean and bitchy in a fight
But if u cry I’ll hug u close
And kiss to make all alright

I know I am too different
From the clones who roam out there
Its dis difference that is the real me
That I hope u wud want to share
Coz m not ur type as they all tell me
M not ur type at all
But since wen hv types ever mattered
When its hearts that r involved…………….

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scholar of the Bard

Scholar of the Bard.....

I am a scholar of the Bard

and believe me its hard

to understand the workings of a mind

to whom many have been not kind

O Bard!! Bless me as i start

On the journey to discover you from start..

I face the jeers, the sly glances

of those who havent been given these chances..

Here are my words.. mark them well..

when the tidings become more swell

I will with my words make history..

Celebrating unashamedly